Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Digital Photo Printing

Recently I've been editing some of my digital photos with Photoshop and prepared them for printing. As it happened, a vibrant looking picture on the screen came out with dull colours. This led me to learn about photo Colour Profiles, particularly sRGB and Adobe RGB. Plenty has been written about (just google "sRGB vs Adobe RGB") but here is what I've had to do this time to tweak the picture quality.

My point-and-click camera by default produces photos with a "sRGB" profile, which looked perfectly ok on my screen, but this was what came out looking dull after printing. Adobe RGB is meant to use a broader range of colours, which looks too deep on the screen, but printed much better.

In Photoshop (CS4), to convert the picture to Adobe RGB:
  1. Edit » Convert to Profile...
  2. Select Adobe RGB under Destination Space).
From an article I read, it says that sRGB is sufficient for everything. I suspect that is the case if I don't Photoshop anything. That's for another day to check.

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